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                                                         The Forebay at Kilarc

The Kilarc Project

Status: Actively recommissioning the Kilarc site for the community as a fish enhancement/green power site, producing power for PG&E and fish and fishing for many.

Project: KC:501

Current Work Tasks- Working with community to develop a fish production, research and habitat improvement strategy.

Website is at   Kilarc.info.

This site has the potential to be a major fish resource enhancement possible research project while still generating green power and providing community services.

Ideas being discussed (late 2007) include:

  • Maintain Kilarc as it is so that it can continue to deliver excellent trout fishing for recreation while expanding its role to produce steelhead fry.  The Klarc site also injects cold water above large salmon and trout spawning and habitat areas making it a valuable source of cold water for the extensive fish habitat below the project area.
  • Use the Kilarc headrace to be used as spawning facilities and supply a steady supply of fry and cold water to juvenile fish habitat areas in the main stem of Old Cow Creek.
  • Use the South Cow flows to support a juvenile salmon and Steelhead habitat.  At the same time, meet or exceed the requirements of the Abbott ditch users.
  • Use some hydropower revenues for funding ongoing fish resource feature maintenance and research.

These ideas are constantly being updated.  So see Kilarc.info for the latest ideas.

Pictures of the site are available here.

Currently, PG&E is operating the site under annual licenses until the FERC allows them to surrender the license.  At that point, a new company, KC LLC will apply for a license to take over the project for the benefit of the fish, the community, and the green power. 



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