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Status: Active & Producing
Project: NA:301
Current Projects - Upgrading Controls, and automation improvements.

Nantanna is a licensed, small site that produces about 1 GWH per year. Davis Hydro has a significant interest in the site. The project is located on the Dog River in Northfield Vermont. Currently, we are upgrade the electronics, mechanical, and civil works. A new trash rack and cleaner have been installed and the new control system is almost complete.

Pictures of the site are available here.

This site is interesting in that the Dog River has been dammed below on a main stem before it flows into Lake Champlain. Different upstream branches are also dammed at different places. Never-the-less, the river is full of native Brown and Rainbow trout, and is considered by most as the best fishing river in Vermont. Davis Hydro is currently exploring ways to improve water quality. In 2004, there was a chlorine spill from a water treatment plant just downstream from our hydro plant. The enclosed audio clip (563 kB. mp3 format) is of Patrick Barry, Chair of the Vermont Natural Resources Council as he was interviewed on Vermont Public Radio. The clip clearly documents why we are concerned about water quality and protecting this river.

First Year site statistics will be posted here in 2005.

Upcoming projects include new flashboards, further control improvements, and powerhouse heating.

This the turbines at this site can be observed on streaming TV in mpeg-4 format. The TV monitor is currently on-line. Contact Mr. Ely for access.




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