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Fish Inlet

River Release Intake and Platform

River Release intake trash rack with above normal amount of trash. The diagonal pipe is the vacuum breaker downstream of the gate. The river is about 2.5 feet lower than normal at this time. Normally it is kept up for power maximization.


River Release on the Right Dam Abuttment

The river release intake gate is shown with water at normal level. The new cut-off wall is shown at the top of the old right hand overflow section. The barge is used to float collected debris back to the channel and to give a working platform for clearing debris (logs) from the the diversion intake (not shown to the left) that are too large for the rake.


Front View of Trash Rack

This is the river release intake with a trash rack with about a 6" spacing between the bars. It is usually called a Grizzly in California when this coarse. A term left over from mining equipment days. Despite appearances and some minor surface frost damage all equipment is in good condition. Water is abnormally low in this picture.


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