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North Wall - Powerhouse Area

These pictures address the location of the upper powerhouse on the right, northern wingwall.

View Upstream

Upper powerhosue area as seen from across the river. The car parking area is shown in the upper left, distribution line in in the center as well as the whole right side training wall. The river and dam apron are all about 4 - 5 feet deep between here and the water release. It is a little deeper to the right of this picture and about 6 feet deep just to the left, downstream.


Wide Angle or Spillway and the Upper Power House Area

The upper power house turbine would be just off the training wall directly behind and to the right of the furthest dark green bullard.


Upper Powerhouse Area in Profile

The upper power house area is dead center below the walkway1. The upper power house would be built on the training wall forming a new training wall but out of the storm flow between the right of the river release valve chamber and the dam.


The River Release Penstock Coming out of the Dam

The River Release water comes out of the dam, in a pipe through two piers and angles down the face to the new valve chamber. The flow gauges are below the catwalk between the two piers. The upper power house would fill this picture to the spillway edge on the right and below the walkway. The slope is about 65 degrees toward the river.


The Elbow

This elbow would be changed into a "Y" and the new branch come up into wall to under the photographer. The brown band in the pipe is an expansion joint.


The Float House

The penstock to the lower powerhouse would branch up through the top of the training wall and to the right of the float house. The upper powerhouse design would place the new powerhouse the right of the center of this picture. The powerhouse is to be built on the wall and dam slope on the edge of the flow when the drum gates are opened.


Diversion, Barge and Intake Area

The intake for the river release is on the bank side of the dam to the left of the round dam pier, next to the little floating barge. The new trash screen would extend just about along the white barge line between the diversion intake to the left and the round dam pier to the right. There is little trash in this river, and the barge suffices. What is shown on the log boom is many months of accumulation.


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