The following source maps and drawings are availalbe for reference:
Sources.  Be aware that all graphics on this page are very large - often between 1 and 6 Megabytes so the download time can be excessive.  On a DSL connection 2 minutes is typical.
Working Maps :

Currently ( Feb, March 2004)  We are surveying  in the area, and searching for any property marks and confirming deeds. 

The following composite includes aerial photo undelay.  The following working drawing  shows most of the above maps other than the PG&E map, overlaying an aerial photo of the area.  This has not been "edited" so the discrepancies between the sources can be seen.  Other documents including other Caltrans maps are under study.  Seveal  suggest solutions to the ambiguities.  The nest step after the property boundaries will be to integrate the PG&E maps and produce accurate site and recreation maps.

Recreation Area Overlay showing Discrepancies   (7.483 megabytes).

Note that the Rt. 70  does not go down the center of the Caltrans right-of-way.  Note that these aerial photographs have not been corrected for rectilinearity, nor elevation.  This distortion is most apparent on the dam abutments and the train and  road placement skew at the edges of the figure.