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Dam Details

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The Bridge

Bridge between dam piers. Its capacity limits equipment size that can be brought in this way. Larger equipment must be brought in by barge.

The diversion gate house is just out of sight on the right.


Unused Conduits

Existing power conduits are on the upstream face of the dam.

At least three of the large ones are in disuse as they originally were put in to carry power down to the screw-jack motors to the now-abandon lower gates.


3 Ton Hoist over Shaft

A three ton hoist is directly over the equipment shaft direct to the gate floor. The access hatch is open in the foreground.


Sluice Gate

The sluice gate is partially open with about 1000 cfs passing. Note the recessed pivot chamber. This gate is lifted with a simple chain hoist just out of sight on the left.


Access on Top of Center Pier

Main entrance man-hatch in middle pier. The operator is standing on roof over the circular stairs. Beyond him is the 5x8' hatch directly over the 99' vertical shaft to the gate floor. There is a ventilator in the cover of the shaft.


Electrical Service

This is the current fused cut-outs on the last pole before the transformer gantry.

Service Transformers

There appears to be additional current limiting fuses on the transformers

Work Area

This photo shows the work area joining Rt. 70 and the dam.

Electrical Service Profile

The photo shows the electrical service where it passes through a junction box and into conduits through the dam.


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