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Downstream Area

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Center of the Rock Creek Diversion Dam

Center Pier where the turbine will go. About 90 cfs is coming out of the 30 inch conduit. Flow varies between about 90 and 130 cfs. with a maximum capacity of about 141 cfs. Our proposal will greatly deminish this jet by redirecting most of it straight down to a new turbine directly under the center of this pier,


The Right (road) Side of the Rock Creek Dam

This picture shows the sluice and the lower wing wall. For scale, the lower wall on the lower left rdge of the dam is about 16.5 feet high, and the dam is about 100 feet to its top from the tail water shown here.


Left Side of Dam

The left (railroad) side of the dam as seen drom downstream. The center pier where the turbine will go is on the left.


Drum Gates

The drum gates with showing the central pier and the access bridges.


Transmission Assess

The existing electrical distribution service drop. There will be minor changes here including new metering and air switch disconnect.

The location of the new transformer is proposed as inside or near the gate house.


Marshalling Area

The work and parking area just downstream on the right side of the dam. This will be used at the marshalling yard. The utility service will be from the pole on the right to a new control building and transformer vault immediately below the pole and directly behind the van.



Right Side of Dam

Right hand downstream apron and sluice gate as seen from road.

 Note the near level access to the damtop and bridge to the central pier.

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