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Upstream Face of Dam

This is right side of the dam as seen from the gatehouse platform. The electrical conduits are clear near the dam top running from the gate house into the dam, where they pass down to several stations. There is not fish habitat here, no feeding areas and no overhead cover - just a bare 500 foot wide wall. The picture was taken on a very grey day.

Central Pier and Crane

The red 3 ton crane over the turbine site is shown on the far side of the pier. The front 6 ton green crane today lifts the trash rack for cleaning.

The bridge was designed to convey the heavy stoplog gates.

The inlet is about 45 feet down in the center of the dam wall.

Right Hand Side Damface

This shows electrical conduits, and the log boom termination. The dam faces are smooth and vertical.

Right Pier and Sluice

Note the top of the sluice gate, and the conduits from the gate house entering the pier. The conduits pass from there down to the abandon gates at the lowest level. The design passes communication up one of these underused conduits.


Diversion Trash Rack and Gate House

This is looking downstream of the right side of the reservoir.

The electrical service entrance is in the background.

Upstream Crane in Profile

The crane is rated at 6 ton and is currently used only for trash rack maintenance, but was designed for the much heavier stoplogs for the now abandon lower gates.

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