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FERC # 12494-000 California

Supplemental Documents for Rock Creek



Responses to Consultation Requests:

1/19/05 Total Dissolved Gas Paper (7 pages) in MS Word Format.

Discussion Documents

(Youngest on top)

Letter to Soneda 6/25/07  Discussion of how to move forward on Rock Creek, Pillsbury, and Halsey Forbay and Canal Drop projects among other Projects. Focused on the Bear River Canal drop.

Letter to Soneda 8/29/06.  A requested letter on how to move forward on RC, Pit 4, Pillsbury, Halsey Forebay and Parshal Canal projects

Memo to Soneda 8/29/06 discussing issues and concerns to be resolved in the MOA and in general.

Review packet sent to PG&E Operations 5/11/05 available here.


Progress Reports (MS Word format)

FERC Preliminary Permit Progress Report # 1 dated 5/9/05 available here.

FERC Preliminary Permit Progress Report # 2 dated 10/12/05 available here. (MS Word)

FERC Preliminary Permit Progress Report # 3 dated 3/31/06 available here. (MS Word)

FERC Preliminary Permit Progress # 4 dated September 30, 3006 is available here. (MS Word)

FERC Preliminary Permit Progress # 5 dated April 1st 2007 is available here. (MS Word)

The following discussion document contains design ideas in response to PG&E's need to have water pass through the central pier to keep its gates functional, and various agencies and parties interests in passing gravel downstream through the low level sluices.  Our project design is based on PG&E's 1985 design to put a hysropoweer turbine at the same location in the dam interior. PG&E's hysropower design is discussed in the following discussion document.

The following two drawings are the result of design work to fit the turbines inside the central pier and to meet PG&E flow requirements.  The proposed solution also shows a trash rack that may or may not be needed depending on experience with trash clogging the current trash rack. 



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