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 Richard D. Ely, Ph.D.
Principal & Mechanical Engineer


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
    Bachelor of Science, Geophysics, 1967
  • University of California, Berkeley, Calif.
    Master of Science, Civil Engineering, 1968
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
    Graduate Student, Operations Research and Electrical Engineering, 1980
  • University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R. I.
    Master of Arts, Resource Economics, 1988
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn.
    Master of Science, Economics, 1989
  • University of Connecticut, Storrs, Conn.
    Ph.D., 1994 in Resource Economics


Director Marketing/Senior Economist,
ADM Associates, Inc. - Sacramento, CA

1996 - Present

  • Designed current marketing strategy, and project management approach for ADM for next few years.
  • Organized California Board on Energy Efficiency Third party Program, resulting in 7 major multi-year projects for ADM.
  • Conceived designed and developed various software and hardware products for ADM.
  • Currently developing R&D research strategy for ADM.
  • Active in California electric utility restructuring including:
    Direct Access, CBEE, and Load Profiling working groups
  • Started Load Profiling, Co-gen, and Far East Group
  • Started Municipal Services marketing sector
  • Managed multiple market, evaluation, and energy efficiency audit studies.

Manager - Davis Hydropower; An independent power developer
1999 - Present

  • Engineered sites in Kosrae & Hew Hampshire
  • Developing Permitted hydropower sites in California
  • Engineer-owner currently operating hydropower site in New York
  • Development and patenting of Sagebien wheel for fish passage

President - Mansfield Hydro Corp.
1985 -

  • Licensing and engineering of a hydro site in Connecticut

Partner/Chief Engineer - New Found Power, Inc.
1980 - 1988

  • Turbine designer and site evaluation
  • Hydropower control systems and site designs

Engineering and Economic Consultant
1978 - 1994

  • Clients included: John Lenard - Storrs CT. HEC 1 & 2, electrical
    Ref: Karl Asimovic, General Manager
  • Vendola Associates - New Britain CT. HEC 1 & 2 Hydrology
  • Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection. Computer system installation
  • Private hydropower clients. Hydropower, controls, and statistics
    Ref: Jay Boeri, PE
  • UCONN faculty. Large data set analysis, programming, and statistics
    Ref: Prof. L. Allen, T. Steahr, G. Pelto
  • Dr. Malcolm Harris. Utility finance performance analysis, CRSP Project
  • DPU Kosrae, Micronesia. Hydropower engineering, mapping
    Ref: Bruce Howell, Director DPW, Kosrae

Manager - Ocean Systems Singapore, Geophysical Survey Division,

  • Hydrographic and geophysical engineering surveys for marine structures

Manager, Geographic Associates, Boston, MA

  • Environmental impact studies, consultant to RI and VT governor's offices.
  • Utility rate structure analysis, Ernst & Enrst for NEES
  • Generations siting and analysis, Mass. Audubon, Cons. Law Foundation
  • Organized first solar energy conf. for Sierra Club (Energy Sources '72)
  • Designed and built prototype large Darius windmill

Manager, Energy Programs at N. E. Regional Com., Boston MA

  • Numerous utility planning and energy studies

Pre 1972 Staff Engineer, VTN, INC., Los Angeles, California

  • Assisted in study harbor layout for Penang, Malaysia

F. R. Harris, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Assisted in design of Massport's container port and oil terminal, and Gloucester harbor improvements

Energy Policy and
Program Experience


  • Analyzed the economic and environmental effects of OCS petroleum development on Georges Bank.
  • Studied economic rate and environmental effects of coal conservation in New England.


  • Wrote energy programs for NERCOM including both long- and short-term payback projects to N. E. states.
  • Analyzed electric energy availability and NEPOOL operations for impact on region.
  • Presented background papers on petroleum and electric energy shortages in the petroleum and electric energy fields, and provided a central focus for coordinating state concerns with a platform for turning these concerns into action programs.
  • Contract and Program Officer,


  • Directed all outside studies undertaken by NEEPS, including economic, technical, and environmental studies of state's energy policies
  • Wrote and recommended political and economic policy on energy issues facing New England. Provided surveillance and economic analysis of energy industry.
  • Provided environmental positions on all NEEPS studies and statements.


  • - Served as staff consultant on utility expansion.
  • - Assisted in implementation of incremental cost pricing for the electric utilities.
  • - Represented the Commission at NEPOOL committee meetings, and wrote position papers for the Commission on regional energy economic issues.


  • Analyzed the economic impact of project independence, on the New England economy and recommended policy positions.
  • Evaluated the political and economic impact of various policy positions on offshore petroleum development for New England.
  • Designed and recommended joint Canada-New England energy policy and facility development options for environmental and economic performance.


  • Prepared and position papers on all energy-related subjects - primarily monitoring NEPOOL activities.
  • Monitored and evaluated government's fuel crisis options for New England.
  • Recommended policy positions on major energy facilities within New England.
  • Designed and recommended a permanent state structure to manage energy problems.
  • Analyzed NEPOOL's effects on electricity availability and pricing in the early 1980's.
  • Monitored NEPOOL for New England Commissioners during a difficult and contentious formation process
    Related Abilities


  • Proficient in the following environments: MVS, CMS, MSDOS, and WIN95. Adequate in UNIX internals, and TSO
  • Quantitative applications include, in order of proficiency, SAS (all platforms), Fortran (all platforms), Lotus (Excel, QP), Project (MS & SP), various databases (Focus, Paradox), SPSS (MVS, CMS, VMS, Win), Basic (various), Dynamo, HTML, Lisp (Autocad's older version).
  • Own and am familiar with various production cost simulators, and Mathematica 3.0.

Engineering Design

  • Proficient in Autocad, Design Cad, HEC 1, 2, and 6, TR20, Strudel and similar packages. Proficient electrical engineer; designed SCADA and distributed control
  • Familiar with characteristics of utility power equipment hardware. Modestly proficient hydraulic, civil, geophysical, and mechanical engineer. Maintains design office.

Public Speaking

  • Expert witness before various commissions, on energy on utility demand growth for various clients.
  • Chairman of numerous meetings as part of hydropower licensing proceedings, energy meetings, and educational conferences.
  • Conference presentation on Energy Efficiency Programs in a deregulated environment - Malaysia, 1997.
  • Participant in Connecticut, and in California, CPUC , independent, and CEC workshops related to industry restructuring.

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