Davis Hydro, LLC
A Davis Collaborative Company


Davis Hydro does research on and development of renewable energy projects.

Hydro Development

Davis Hydro is a company that has been set up to develop responsible small hydro and to conduct research to enhance fish stocks and to mitigate the negative effects of hydropower. 

Davis Hydro currently is operating and developing small micro-hydroelectric sites alone and with various partners. These are described here.   Davis Hydro is active in California, New York, Vermont, Maryland, and New Hampshire. 

Hydropower Research, Fish, & Related Economics

Research includes renewable development and experimental environmental projects conducted with partners through The Davis Collaborative. Older CPUC filings and Economic papers are available on that site.

The fish oriented projects undertaken by Davis Hydro include current interest in epigenetics of anadromy and fish genetic diversity restoration in Northern California. Currently, a Foundation is set up to undertake this work.  Currently, it is funded by hydropower revenues from various small projects. Its mission will be to help restore diversity and depth of genetic and epigenetic genotypes and epigenotypes of anadromous fish in Northern California.  More on the work of this new foundation can be found on the Kilarc.info WEB site.

Technological project address fish herding or guiding technology and investigation of nature-like fish channels. These are described here.   The principle theme of our company and research is environmental enhancement.

Fish Habitat Assistance Technology Research

Research projects of current interest include:

  • Fish Herding using moving air curtains
  • Genetic and epigenetic sampling and population research
  • Steelhead spawning bed studies.
  • Low cost out-of-channel diversion screening
  • Rancher collaboration mechanisms to reduce pollution


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