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Status: Preliminary Permit Passively Surrendered
Current Status: Waiting for Preliminary Permit

Boca is a Bureau of Reclamation Site that is in the Service Territory of Sierra pacific. 

We have not acted on Boca because the economics are not there.  Where it appears to have excellent head (100').  That is only a maximum and there is no relationship between head and flow making most turbine designs inefficient or expensive.  The site is further complicated by a fully submerged trash rack - (bath tub style).  We will be pleased to work with any party wanting to pursue the site.  

We would like to thank the Bureau for their Cooperation.  It has been excellent.

The Preliminary Permits application is available here as an MS word file.

Figure 1 is available here; Figure 2 is available here.


Pictures of the site will be available here.





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