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Solar Power

Photovoltaic solar is an attractive energy source. It seems to be pollution free, and the answer to many environmental problems. However, it does have several drawbacks. It is only available in certain places and times, and it has a pollution burden in its manufacture. Nevertheless, Davis Hydro has been and will continue to be as active in this industry, although no commercial sized projects are underway this summer.

Solar PV projects that we have conducted include:



Status: Discussions Continue

In 1999, Davis Hydro (under its parent company, The Davis Collaborative) received a small task order to evaluate and prepare the PVUSA photovoltaic power site in Woodland California for sale by the California Energy Commission.

The site was repaired under CEC direction, made fire-safe, and put back online. Further work and the expenditure of any additional funds was not permitted by the CEC when we exhibited an interest in taking over the site.

The PVUSA site is reported operating today (2003) in a minimal capacity as a result of those repairs.

The figures below are representative of the PVUSA site during the 1998 test year, prior to TDC/Davis Hydro involvement.

Monthly insolation and power
production at PVUSA
(click for full size image)

PVUSA Davis is being purchased by NUON out of the Netherlands.  Davis Hydro has offered to supply O&M services, as well expand the site under a non-profit entity.  These ideas are in flux.  One idea being discussed is a non-profit independent demonstration center for teaching how to develop PV solar, and well as a show place for related products in this area. 

KERMAN  SITE - Inactive

We have approached PG&E to buy it.  We shall see.  It appears that PG&E is doing nothing on this site. 

The request to PG&E to buy the site being considered as of 7/25/03.

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