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Personnel & Staff Consultant Resumes

The following are actively working on projects (2009).

Richard D. Ely, Ph.D. (Dick)

John Boeri - PE (Jay)
Staff Consulting Engineer
Project Partner, Nantanna

Kelly Sackheim (Kelly)
Staff Consultant - FERC Compliance &
Partner Brighton Project

Sophia Unger, Ph.D.  (Sophie)
Staff Consult - Sr. Fish Biologist

Richard Donovan, (Dick)
Consultant Hydro Electric
Generator Controls, Avery

( No Picture)

Debbie Niemeier - PH.D.
Consultant  Energy - Environment

Neil Murdock
- Consultant
Hydro Field Engineering

Neil's Additional Project List is available here.

Other consultants will be used subject to mutual agreement and project need.  Among others, discussions and broad support agreements are in place with:

Cramer Fish Sciences - Fish Biology 

Carlton Engineering - Civil Engineering - Water Conveyance in particular.

Wolfgang (Edward T.) Navickis  - General Contractor


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