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The Lower Training Wall

7. Note the low water as it is about 363 days a year. The lower powerhouse would be just at the left edge of this picture. The penstock would not easily be visible in this picture with the lower powerhouse. It would be behind the training wall to the left of the float house.


Summer view of Lower Powerhouse Site

8. The powerhouse woulf be behind the trees at the end of the training wall. The existing hill slope is very steep. We would infill against this wall and behind the training wall to increase its stability.

River Release Structure

6. The float house on the training wall at the top of this picture. The existing river release comes from the valve structure at the end of the diagonal pipe. The power house would be behind and just to the right of the float house shown here. The new pipe to it would branch off at the elbow in the pipe, forming a "Y" in the pipe with the new branch passing up to the right of the float house.


The Road in and the Staging Area

4. Looking downstream the tunnel refuse pile is at the top of theis view with the access road shown snaking down its slope. The flat borrow pit is visible behind the river edge trees. The power house would be directly behind the float house from this vantage point.


The Float House and Training Wall

5. The training wall at 8000 cfs. Compare to Picture 4 shows that the tailwater has risen only a few feet. If the lower location is used, the penstock will pass behind the downstream end of this wall and pass through the wall just upstream of the float house in the center.


Flooded Borrow Pit

2. The downstream borrow pit and tunnel refuse pile with 8,000 cfs going over the dam. The depth of water in the flat area of the borrow pit is only a few feet at most. This flat area is only covered at flood events and provides no habitat for fish. This picture clearly shows the unstable slopes created by digging the borrow pit in the brown area on the right of the picture.


Panarama of Lower Powerhouse Site

3. Just to the right of Pictures 1&2, this is the upstream end of the borrow pit and the end of the training wall below the dam. The tailrace will enter the river in the middle of this picture.

The downstream location of the powerhouse is at the end of the training wall just the right of the center of this picture. Just behind the barrren tree.


Downstream and the Tunnel Refuse Pile.

1. Looking downstream to the West with normal flows. This picture shows the tunnel refuse pile and the thin trees at the river's edge of the old borrow pit. The borrow pit provides a work and marshalling area away from the dam, and generally out od sight.


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