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PG&E Diversion Intake Area

The pictures on this page show the upstream inlet area to be closed off by a trash screen. This screen or trash net will hang from a boom rigged to keep trash from entering the "River Release" penstock grizzley area.

The Diversion Structure at Low Water

At low water, this picture shows the red water level sensor well in the center and the downstream edge of the main diversion trash rack tower. The new trash curtain would extend from this diversion structure downstream ot the pier out of the photo.

Inlet Area Looking North

Inlet area showing the trash rack on the right, the trash barge in the middle, the power line service drop, and the right hand dam pier on the left of the photo. The new trash curtain would close off this area to debris, remanding woody debris to stay in the river.


Diversion Structure Gap.

Looking upstream between the diversion towers - showing the cross beams at low water.


Upstream Cross Beams

The west end of the passage between the gate tower and the trash rack tower. The red column is a water level well. Note the dark ring on the cement at the normal water level.


Downstream Crossbeam in Diversion Structure

The sheet pilings on the left are the west end of the parking lot. The redish conctete covered beams cross between the trash rack tower and the gate tower. There is ample passage for water under these cross beams. The space is trapazoidal roughly 15 feet wide by an average of 6 feet deep.


Parking Lot Corner

Foot square "I" beams hold sheet piling for the parking lot. This photo looks almost straight down on the corner of the parking lot captuing a corner of the guard rail.


Trash Conveyer

Most trash ends up on this conveyer which dumps it into a truck for removal.


Diversion Structure at Very Low Water

Normal water lever is about 3 feet higher than this photo as can be seen by the "tidal" ring. This shows the top of the passage between the trash rack tower and the gate tower on the left.


Trash Removal Parking Area

This is the lower parking area, used almost exclusively by the operators when removing trash from the area.


The Upstream Gap Looking Downstream at the Dam

Looking downstream along the parking lot guard rail and sheet piling toward the dam inlet area. The inlet grizzly is just to the right of the rounded pier - in the center of this photo.


The parking lot / trash rack tower water gap at low water.

The front of the shadow on the water is the area that will have a loose curtain to keep trash out of the area downstream of the diversion. The parking lot is on the right behind the guard rails, and the upstream end of the PG&E trash rack is shown on the left. The horizonal gap at water level between the trash rack tower and the parking lot sheet piling retention I beams is about 10 feet.


Inlet Area from Road

This shows the power line in the center. The gap between the diversion structure on the left and the rounded dam pier on the right will have a hanging trash curtain to assist in trash management. This picture shows the little trash that is accumulated over many months.


Entire Diversion Area from Across the River

This view shows the parking lot of the right, the diversion trash rack, the distribution line coming down the hill, the trash barge, and the log boom. The phone line conduits coming down the hill is visible but partially buried in the brush at the left behind the lamp post.


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