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The following groups of the Rock Creek dam and project area photographs are available here:

Upstream Side Pictures

These pictures show different features of the upstream side of the dam. The inlet is in the front of the middle pier.

Downstream Side Of Dam

The picture to the left shows the River Release coming out. Water is flowing at about 90 CFS in this photo - a bit down from capacity of about 141 cfs. The setting for the new hydropower turbine is inside - at the base of this pier, directly behind the water jet from this vantage.

Dam Internals

These pictures address primarily the turbine setting and abandon PG&E equipment to be removed. The shot to the left shows the 30" penstock sloping down at 45 degrees in the center. It is currently passing about half of the river release water.

The project design is basically to tap into this pipe.

Dam Details and Electrical Service

These pictures show various design elements and project constraints.

Buck's Creek Substation

These pictures address the possible forced cooling of the 3 MVA transformer bank.

The Rock Creek site is somewhat unique in that there are two other small hydro sites on two of the same circuits served by this transformer bank shown in these photos.








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